GRID Bandana


GRID x Evolution of Printing bring you the official GRID bandana, locally handmade and printed. Emblazoned with regional Philippine icons patterned on lightweight cotton, this tried, tested, and beloved product is for all travelers at heart.

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Here are 10 tested uses for the GRID bandana:
  1. Tie to your luggage for easy spotting.
  2. Protect your head and neck from the sun.
  3. Master the art of furoshiki.
  4. Wet with cold water or ice and wear during hot weather.
  5. Cover your eyes during daytime naps. (Even travelers like naps.)
  6. Convert to a hobo pouch for your wild edibles.
  7. Cover your face against dust/smoke/smog.
  8. Use as a riverside water filter, camp coffee filter, or pasta strainer.
  9. Improvise a strap fix for bags or boots.
  10. Identify other GRID readers and make new friends.
One size fits all. Limited stock.


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