Issue 06 | Exploring Filipino Identities


To mark our first year in print, allow us to thank you for being as brave, curious, stubborn, and passionate as any traveler should be. This issue offers the ultimate outsider’s perspective: featuring written and photo essays that look at the Philippines in their own poetic ways, and explore what it means to be a Filipino.
(Issue 06 is a Collectors’ Issue featuring work from Francisco Guerrero, Kristine Fonacier, Katherine Jack, Geric Cruz, Anne Quito, Tara FT Sering, and Doreen Fernandez.)
On the Cover: ‘Portraits From The Field IV’ by Francisco Guerrero

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Editor’s Note:
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This issue marks our first year at GRID, and it’s been a year of bated breath, of waiting to see if our idea would find an audience.
The common wisdom was against us at the time—it still is, to be perfectly honest. There aren’t any more readers, much less magazine readers, we are told; long reads are a death sentence. Photography has to be done a certain way for it to be commercially viable. The travel magazine market is overcrowded, and there isn’t any space for a new player with more passion than money. It won’t work, was the message we kept hearing.
And our answer was: We’d like to try anyway. Six bimonthly issues and a calendar change later, and we here at GRID have let out a small, quiet, but extremely relieved breath. There are readers out there, we’ve found—intelligent readers who appreciate a great story, and who understand all the heart that’s gone into each of our articles. We’ve found that there are even more world-class writers, photographers, and artists out there than even we thought of. And there are more and more companies who recognize the value of both our reading audience and our artistic community.
What’s made the GRID experience so different? While there are other travel magazines out there, our philosophy and our approach has always come from a different place.
One of the most defining differences, we’ve found, is how our stories come from an outsider’s perspective. While the prevailing thinking is that magazines should offer “an insider’s look” at everything, GRID doesn’t do that— because we’re travelers, and as travelers, we’re hardly ever on the inside. We travel precisely because we want to go somewhere new, to be a stranger in a strange land, so to speak, and to be able to see afresh, to experience the joy of discovery all over again.
For this landmark issue, we’ve put together the ultimate outsider’s perspective: photo essays and written essays that each look at the Philippines in their own uniquely poetic way. Each one is an invitation to approach the world around us with new eyes, to look and to look again, to think and to challenge old ways of thinking. This issue is an invitation to become travelers again, and to be travelers always.
This issue is an invitation to be excited and curious about the world, and to be brave enough to follow that curiosity— even if everybody else tells you that it won’t work. It’s our way of thanking you for being as brave, curious, stubborn, and passionate as any traveler should be.
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